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Red Road

in the past time..

i received one coment fr my photo tag on FB that i never wore anything with a shiny colour.

and i answer that one with this one 🙂

*Fleamagic tees-WWLSS red blazer-Kuyagaya’s shoes*


take ure scarf and play it like this 🙂

*tribal scarf fr centro’s Bali*


i really love design!

i really love architecture!

some design interior by me:

called them “bling-bling resto”

friday is batik day

every friday we always wear batik.

i mean it was happened when i was in bali. almost everyone wore batik that day even my big boss arsitek autis :D. last friday i wanna celebrated that past ritual. so i mixed my old dress batik with another stuff.

*choco hijab-tees fr Gogirl-batik dress-Nevada flip flop-dhivine by dika bow necklace*

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diana rikasari for Bloop Endorse’s new collection:

check this

ice chocolate and mint

if diana rikasari is a hot chocolato and mint.. so i’m trying to be ice. her fashion sense always sweet and melted like a hot chocolate. but sometimes she is a cool mountain with a boyish stuff. and i really obsessed with her!

last day i wore a chocolate stuff but a white blazer make me so cold. so i called it ice chocolate and mint. ahahahha

lets check it:

*choco hijab-white stripe blazer Hello-choco lace-animal print leging-unbranded shoes*

anyway.. i got a new hot legging from this:

and some captured activity before DAS’s meeting 😀

happy choco day 😀