and the story goes..

They start here..

One year ago, I had played with blogger. I mean I really played with them even I didn’t know exactly what I did. I have known about fashion and I tried to wore it myself.

There are some pictures from my last blog:

Six month ago, when I was in Bali with the craziest activity, my deep passion about wrote came out. And I really want to wrote anything in line. Then I opened my blog and I scream, ”gosh.. it’s so crowded!” and I thought that I can’t  wrote something nice on that crowded one.

So, I decided to created a new one. I choiced wordpress to be my new blog cause my friends wrote a good article in their blog and wordpress can covered them so nice.

it’s what you see now..

Maybe it’s not really nice like what I want. And maybe it’s still crowded, but I’ll try to clean up my second home so you can visit it with smile or laugh 😀

Pst.. sometimes I want to run back to my old house if I see my inspirations home at their blogger. But.. we just have to be our self! Isn’t it?


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